Monday, June 11, 2012

Get Angry...a.k.a. Tiling

Phil happened to have all of last week off of work (transitioning between locations...he's now on the big UW stadium job and already loving it. Check out this website to watch the cool time lapse photos: While Phil was off all week, he worked more hours than he usually does. Instead of doing electrical work, he got down and dirty with our white subway tiles and hexagonal floor tiles in the master bathroom. In four eight to ten hour work days, a lot of anger flowed towards the tile in our house (can we say tedious!?). Phil has been so good and pleasant throughout this remodel, yet somehow the brunt of his frustrations came out against the tile. He is still doing an amazing job on it and I continue to be amazed at how many skills he can pick up and master on his own and in no time. It just seems to be one of the most monotonous jobs he has done yet and he still has more of the floor tile to tackle along with all of the grout work. If anyone just loves to tile...we may need your encouragement and inspiration to keep going. Phil took the weekend off to relax and hang out with my 14 year old cousin...did I say relax and 14 year old cousin in the same sentence??? Ha! Isn't Phil just amazing?! I certainly think so!
Orange thing is the heating mat that goes under the tile :-) Can't wait for that!

Our soon to be gorgeous shower!

Another view...still more work to be done like on the little ledge

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