Friday, May 18, 2012

Burn out....???

I'm sitting here catching up on blogging, listening to two guys measuring for counter tops in my kitchen, wondering what data the other teachers back at school are analyzing on our non-student Data Day. I'll find out since I only had to take the morning off for our remodel purposes (another cost of a remodel that I didn't foresee is trading off who will stay home for workers to come in and out, but hey...I guess it is good training for who will stay home when our child gets sick). Last week and over the weekend Phil finished installing the main cabinets along the walls of the kitchen. He also started to trim them out with the toe kick and the little pieces of a kitchen that I never knew were actually separate from the cabinets.

Mike came over last Sunday to help Phil with our big Ikea Apron sink and the install of that proved way more difficult than we imagined. I tried not to look as the boys had to saw away parts of the cabinet that the sink is destined to sit on top of. I trust Phil wholeheartedly, but man...that sink is my favorite part of our new kitchen and that cabinet would be expensive to re-order....just saying! It seems as though they worked through it thankfully and they also set the stove back in its destination. Charlie had fun running back and forth from Phil and Mike to me depending on what kind of power tools were scaring him away or not.

Now that Phil has been dealing with trim work, he says it is slow going and a lot of time for little progress. I still feel like I'm seeing huge changes, but he is the one doing all the work, so I won't argue if he is feeling burnt out. Luckily we aren't really crunched for time yet, so with my blessing ( he needs it), Phil took a few days off of remodel work. We also got lazy and ate out almost every night this week. Monday at an awesome Taco Truck in West Seattle (the other Mexican places here really are lacking for inexpensive authentic California style food, but the truck pleasantly surprised us...I think it's called Beloved Mexico), Tuesday back to Zeeks for Pizza, Wednesday over to Circa for a locally raised yummy burger and steak, and finally on Thursday we started pecking away at all the veggies and salad stuff we had bought at the grocery store trying to save it from going bad again (another product of our laziness of living without a kitchen sink has been our food goes bad faster). Enough with the rambling, we know you are all here for the picture progress!

Mike and Phil finagling the sink area

this area is becoming the bane of Phil's existence. ok..a slight exaggeration!

starting to get there! Lights on too!
with a bit more trim work (look above the fridge!)

the beverage center

Definitely going with the green on the right for the island. Titled: Artichoke
Our little crazy!
Phil had to take time off last Saturday to learn all about my research project and watch me "graduate" from the Puget Sound Writing Project at UW! I'm going to miss that class!

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  1. I can already taste the home made meals when we come up to visit. The kitchen looks like a fine painting in progress. xoxo


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