Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I finally got to help again!

Memorial Day weekend proved to be relaxing. We made absolutely no plans. We talked about going to the North Cascades National Park, but when the weather wasn't too great, we just decided to bum around town looking at antique/retro stores. We explored the Fremont Farmers Market for the first time, which was really cool since it has a lot of artists, food trucks, and flee market type vendors. We enjoyed the Irish Pub up in the Junction Friday night with Phil's mom, Talarico's for a mini date night Sunday, and a BBQ at Krista and Peter's last night that had us laughing so hard we cried (well, at least I did!). The rest of the weekend Phil and I worked on the kitchen. Phil did a lot of trim work, caulking, and he installed all the hardware. I helped hold boards in place for him while he sawed, did normal household chores like laundry and vacuuming, installed the shelves and glass panes on the upper cabinets, painted the primer onto the island, and even started to unpack items from the garage to fit in the upper cabinets! It was very exciting and next weekend will prove even more exciting. We get our counter-tops installed this Thursday, which means that hopefully this weekend I can unpack the rest of our kitchen items and I can set up the kitchen to be an almost fully functioning kitchen! The only bummer is that we realized that we need to hire someone to come out to try to repair the oven in our old Wedgewood stove since we couldn't problem solve lighting the pilot for it ourselves.

hardware looking good

glass shelves and windows in!

working on priming the island doors and drawers and legs

Phil painted the island today!

Artichoke green for a California girl

and the doors and drawers and legs

I even got to start unpacking and organizing!

We got to see the McFarlands too this weekend!

Time with Jon and Kaiden and Julia!

Hanging with Isaac...he had the funniest face trying to taste asparagus!

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