Monday, May 7, 2012

Cabinet Install, Baby Registry, & Springtime

I <3 this time of year! Springtime is so wonderful and today we were even treated to 75 degree and sunny weather! This weekend was a really nice one. While Phil was at work on Saturday, I got to go with his mom to visit his Gramma Lilly in Port Angeles. We took the ferry and spent the day with her and it was fun to hear old stories and memories from Sandpoint, Idaho back in the day. Gramma Lilly is an inspirational woman who used to own a lumber yard and who still goes commercial fishing in Alaska each summer at 80 something years old! Susan and I enjoyed spending time with her and it was a gorgeous day so we got to take a photo journey in her backyard with so many gorgeous flowers in bloom.

Yesterday, another spectacular day, was very productive. Krista, Peter, Isaac, and Susan all came over to help out. Susan took back control of the unruly raised beds (and even helped weed some more in the front yard!). Krista and Isaac helped me go to some baby stores to start the overwhelming process of registering and thinking of what we will need for this baby boy. And, Peter stayed to help Phil install the upper cabinets! It's looking so awesome already! We appreciate all of the help so much!
Susan tackled all of this overgrowth and now we will get to do a summer veggie garden again!

Peter and Phil installing uppers

Krista with Isaac enjoying the sun
Phil is working on the rest of the cabinet install since they have to be done by the 18th so that the countertop installation guys can come measure and then install by the end of the month! Woohoo! So exciting!

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