Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Amazing Bat Mitzvah

My cousin Kendra is wise beyond her years. She has an old soul. She reminds me of me and I like it. The girl totally rocked her Bat Mitzvah! The torah and haftorah portions were chanted beautifully (and were both really super long!) and her sermon was so inspiring, meaningful, and thought provoking. I agreed with so much of what she said about her connection (or lack there of) with g-d and her connection to others in the community and could not have put my feelings into words as graciously as she did. If only I could get a copy of her sermon, I would post it here for all to see. In other words, Mazel Tov Kendra...you did awesome!

The whole weekend was a nice getaway from Remodel-land. It was so nice to just get to spend a weekend with family doing nothing more than talking and eating (in true Strauss tradition). We really do love the times we spend with extended family and hope that our little boy can grow up feeling as loved and connected to the extended family as we do.

all fancied up

with mom and dad

Gramps with the bat mitzvah girl

Aunt Leigh and Mom with their collection of eggs from Diane's "farm"

The birthday boy...only 3 months 'till his big day

most of the Lewin fam. with Phil and I

My most handsome doggie!

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