Sunday, April 1, 2012

How Much Wood Could a Phil Chuck Chuck?

Thanks to Mike & Jon for a full days work, with no April Fools-ing going on, Phil was able to get started installing the hardwood floors in the kitchen to match what is already in the rest of the house. Earlier this week Phil bought the hardwoods from Home Depot (had to chase down enough of the materials from three different locations) and then he had to rip out part of the old original flooring because it was tricky in the spot where our front closet used to be. Phil is still hard at work and I will probably have to drag him away to eat something and to get to bed tonight. The kitchen is already starting to look like a kitchen with paint and floors! Phil finalized the cabinet and counter top order from Home Depot last week and so we expect to get them in just about three or four weeks! There is an end of remodel life in sight, but until then, we continue to eat microwavable food. :-/ Enough talk, here are the photos!
Jon just getting started and planning

Thankfully what I thought was a blood curdling scream when I was in the shower, was just the high pitch of a saw!

they made it all the way to the laundry and pantry!

Mikey pretending like he knows how to use the special nail gun

Phil overseeing the project

amazing craftsmanship!

pretty good match to the original floors

actually hard working as opposed to their usual hardly working mode

inch by inch row by row...gonna make this flooring grow...all it takes is a saw and a nail gun... oh those aren't the words?

we invested in this awesome tailgate tent for a workstation and hopefully some day we will share beers under it too!

Our Master Bedroom is painted!

The gray turned out nice

The master bathroom has a lighter gray...I finally got to do something to try to help (Even though Phil probably went back and spent more time touching up what I started than it was worth having me help!)

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