Friday, April 27, 2012

Moving along quickly!

Things are now moving forward at a rapidly noticeable pace. Mike came over last weekend to help Phil prep the master bathroom for tile. Phil did a lot of concrete work for the shower and put special boards up on the shower walls. Mike put some kind of special boards on the bathroom floor so that we can get heated floors.

Last weekend was gorgeous and I tried to combat the weeds while the weather was nice. I thought I would get to the whole front yard in a few hours, but after getting to only the rest of the easement and one eighth of the main yard, I gave up.
Phil put our numbers back on the house and got our porch light turned on again. It's amazing what a difference lights make!

When I gave up on weeding, I ventured inside to transfer our food from the old fridge to the new one. It's funny that this was super exciting! Our old fridge seemed full and then I transferred everything to the new one and it felt nearly empty!

Finally, on my birthday...our cabinets arrived! Now we really have our work cut out for us! Phil is installing them himself and I figure that I may actually be able to lend a helping hand for this phase of the project. It is a bit overwhelming to look at, but it's so super exciting that we will have a functioning kitchen in the near future!
It's also amazing what a change it is to have the lights turned on! (Phil added can lights and pathway lighting!)

I can't believe it's already almost May! It's been fun staring at lots of beautiful faces on our calendar this April!

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  1. Only thing missing are photos of Charlie adapting to his new home environment. Looking good Ali and Phil! xoxo Dad


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