Sunday, February 5, 2012

A One Man Dry Walling Machine

As you can see...I'm loosing my umph when it comes to blogging about the remodel. Well, the blogging is actually fine...I'm just loosing my umph when it comes to the remodel. Phil is doing amazing though! He is working harder and longer than ever. Today was his first day off from working on our house in weeks. He had some help from Steph last week before she moved back to Montana to finish up the wall insulation and then he was off and running with dry wall. Ignoring my advice and worries, Phil installed the dry wall on the ceiling of our new bedroom to be (with vaulted ceilings) all by himself! Yes...each board weights about fifty or sixty pounds and my hubby was up a ladder with one sheet raised above his head and managed to screw them in all on his own. I have no idea how he managed it. I think he is secretly Superman or Batman or something. Mike came over yesterday to help while I was at my UW writing class and they put even more sheet rock up on the kitchen ceiling and the bedroom walls. He's still got the closets and master bathroom to do along with the kitchen walls, but I made him take a break today since it was around 60 degrees, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous. We took Charlie on a mini hike at Discovery Park and it was a MUCH needed break away from the house. Enough of my are lots of photos of the progress!
kitchen ceiling

kitchen ceiling take 2

stocked up

pantry's up next

hallway to our bedroom

Phil even started to tape and mud

lots of garbage

test tape and mud in the master bedroom

Phil used green board for the master bathroom and cut out for the skylight
At Discovery Park

gorgeous February day

Hanging out with Charlie


  1. Phil is a Superstar! Nice job Phil, you are the man........... Impressive work. Jay

  2. Discovery Park looks awesome. Wish I was there for such a gorgeous day! Keep up the hard work on the house. Steph


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