Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A cool find while cleaning the attic (and a lacrosse game)

Phil & Susan (yes, his amazing mother was helping again) cleaned out our attic last weekend so that they (yes, they) can do the blown-in insulation next weekend. While up there, Susan found this cool artifact (dated 1945). It was obviously a small shipping box (maybe it stored the original house plans! Too bad we didn't find those!). Now if I do a little research I can contact Mr. Rigg or his relatives and find more out about our house.

Susan couldn't help but laugh when she saw this on our floor. No, I am not planning on combating our construction zone dust with this bottle...I got it to try to combat some of the dust that got in tough places like our toaster and our computer. It is pretty funny to think of me trying to spray this around our whole house.

We took the day off on Sunday in order to hang out with our cousin, Julien and take him to the Golf Expo. Then we met up with Julien's mom, Johanne, at UW in order to see our cousin, Reid, during his lacrosse game. Reid plays for Sonoma State who was in town. Even though Reid didn't get on the field that day, it was fun to see him and to see what his sport is all about.
Sonoma State vs. UW lacrosse...Sonoma kicked butt

Reid on the sidelines

Good to see my "little" big cousin!

yes, I know...I resorted to wearing a towel for's not my proudest fashion moment


  1. We need to take you clothes shopping this weekend when in the Bay Area!

  2. I didn't even notice the towel until I saw the caption!

  3. Keep up the good work on the house. Too bad we didn't find any more treasures while I was there.


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