Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Shoemaker's kids... A Week of Wiring

I'm not good at remembering sayings and cliches, but I always remembered my mom saying, "It might be like the shoemakers family. He works all day on shoes, so by the time it comes to making them for his family, he's too tired to work on more shoes." Or something like that. I always secretly wondered if Phil would be like that...the Electrician's family with only minimal electricity. Luckily, as this remodel has proved, that is the opposite case. Phil is rigging up outlets everywhere & putting fancy can lights in each room. We will have dimmers on every light. He is going to put a heated floor in our master bath. We have pendants & Chandeliers & cans & sconces & accent lighting. He has thought of all the right pathways so that you will not be searching for a switch that is not there. He is doing the doorbell, the exterior lights, smoke detectors, and more. It is so amazing to see the intricacies of his electrical knowledge. Of course, most of the time I have no idea what he is telling me, but sometimes I can follow for long enough to be really impressed. Phil has spent all this week doing electrical work & has a few more days to go. I am so thankful for his ambition, motivation, and follow through. I am also thankful that he doesn't expect me to help too much.
kitchen lights, outdoor light, hallway light, kitchen pendant
wires wires everywhere
Susan & Stephanie helped Phil create this situation for all the TV DVD cables

Steph spent all weekend digging a hole in the crawl space for the sump pump! We'll call it her rent. ;-)

Phil even got the Wedgewood stove's gas connected

real we come again...finally!

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  1. I'm glad that Steph is staying with you and not me as the work load looks tough for a guest :-)

    See you on Sunday, hopefully I will be a very happy guy after the 49ers beat the Saints on Saturday at Candlestick (fingers are crossed).


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