Saturday, January 28, 2012

Insulation is a hard word to understand...

I talked to both my mom and brother this week on the phone. Both had a very hard time hearing the word insulation. The conversations both went something like this: "What are you up to this weekend?" "Well, Phil got his electrical inspection and it passed, so now he is just working on the insulation." "The what?" "The insulation." "He's installing what?" "No...the INSULATION!" "One more time, this phone must not be working right." "Phil is working on the know, for warming up our house before he can do sheet rock!" "Oh! The insulation!" Ahhh...cell phone technology. Certain words just remain difficult to hear clearly and I don't blame my family. So, as I said, our electrical inspection passed on the first try, which is very exciting since Phil worked so hard the last week and a half or more to wire the whole house, pretty much by himself. Phil put me in charge of measuring and ordering the insulation, which was delivered Tuesday, so if we run out or have way too much...we know why! I shouldn't be put in charge of things like measuring!
Insulation on our bedroom exterior walls

Stephanie helping Phil with some duct/vent situation in the attic

bags of both blown in and bat insulation

Blown In bags...lots of work to do!

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