Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

2011 was full of good times, good jobs (with steady work), adventures, & many special occasions. Here are some of the highlights in photos:
Ringing in 2011 with Cassie & Andrew in the Bay Area

Time with our moms

Good Dinners with friends and family

Some great hikes like Mt. Si

Visiting Morgan & Mandy in Boston

Giants Spring Training in Arizona with the family

My surprise birthday trip to San Diego

Getting to celebrate my sister Jen & her fiance Alan (& meet his family)

Celebrating Jen's last single days at a fun San Fran bachelorette

Celebrating Dave & Derek's 30th golf birthday in Couer d'Alene
Kindergarten Graduation

Fourth of July with Krista & Peter at their cabin

spending time with my cousin Elizabeth and her daughter Lulu & fam

Giants baseball in SF

On the field during 49ers PreSeason practice

Being Matron of Honor at my sister Jen's wedding in July!

Spending time with Mikey & Skyler

And Tyrell & Kloe

Watching Jeff marry Steph (& Phil be a groomsmen)

The Hedlund Family Reunion in Idaho in August (Phil's mom's fam.)

Celebrating Leslie's last days as a single lady in Suncadia

Getting some QT with Cassie & Andrew when they lived up here for a short time

some QT with Krista and Peter before baby Isaac arrived

Leslie & Kurt's South Lake Union wedding
Phil's big Thirsty 30 Birthday weekend with our families and friends

Time with the ladies on mom & Gramma's Seattle trip

Beginning of the remodel

Time with the cousins
  • Welcoming babies of friends & family in 2011...Danica Neiderman, Will Russo, Ellie Cholas, Isaac Richardson
We hope  know that 2012 brings will bring more  fun, adventures, and blessings for our friends, family, and selves. This remodel will prove to consume much of 2012, but I'm sure we will sneak in many more surprises and plans too. We already have two Bat Mitzvahs, a Bar Mitzvah, and a friend's wedding on schedule.

Some resolutions goals for 2012:
  • Spend more time with our siblings...a trip to Denver?
  • Keep our remodel a priority
  • Photograph more
  • Improve my blogging 
  • Stay passionate about work
  • Laugh each day
  • Be silly
  • Speak up
What are your highlights from last year? What goals or resolutions did you make for 2012? Let me know here in the comments section!

Also a big thank you to everyone reading for reading my blog! It means a lot to me. I'd like to expand my audience this year, so if you find it interesting and think someone else you know would also find it interesting...let them know about us!

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