Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Message to the Future

When we opened up a wall in our kitchen, we found an old newspaper from 1955, which is just a bit after our house was built. I bet that someone was using it as a shim when they did a small addition on the house (possibly our mud room). It was so fun to find and see what was going on in 1955 and see what kind of adds were around back then. Since I enjoyed the find so much, I decided to leave a little finders keepers newspaper page along with a note from us. Hopefully some day way way way in the future, someone will find it and enjoy it.

This is what we found shimmed in the wall
June 26...two days before our anniversary..and 53 years earlier
Look...they actually preferred lath and plaster! ug!

our letter
Add caption
with the paper
love those appliances
and now hidden in our wall for a future resident to find

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Puget Sound Style

I actually am not super in to style and have become very lazy since living in the Pacific Northwest. I hope that I look decent most of the time, but know that I sometimes throw on a pair of jeans (Ugg type boots in the winter or Reef sandals in the summer) and a basic tee with a sweatshirt, throw my hair up in a pony tail or bun and grab a pair of hoop earrings and go. I don't accessorize very well. I'm hoping to get better at a simplistic tee/jeans combo with great earrings, hats, or shoes. I also envision having a very practical multifunctional wardrobe just like this one I threw together on the newly discovered Polyvore website (I wondered who made all those super cool clothing combo's that I've been repinning on Pinterest!). This combo feels very Seattle to me, but would also work in Spokane or even San Francisco. 
Puget Sound Style

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Temporary Organizing for our New Roomate

This week has been all about getting organized, even if it is just temporary. Our friend Stephanie is coming to live with us for a month since she lives in Montana, but is coming to do her physical therapy internship over in Kirkland. Normally I would not allow anyone to suffer along with us on this remodel, but Stephanie is an amazing person who is a do-it-yourselfer, goes hunting with her husband, and puts up with all of Jeff's friends (a.k.a. us), so I figure she can handle it.  In preparation for her arrival, I have to clean out the office/guest bedroom (won't it be nice to have an office and guest bedroom and our master bedroom?!). I decided to start with the closets. Her closet was filled with my scrapbooks and crafting supplies, so seeing as I'm not able to get much crafting done lately, I put a lot of stuff into bins which I will move into the garage for the near future. It also forced me to reorganize our own closet. I  added some of the things that had taken a somewhat permanent residence in the office during our remodel that I will still need to use during her month of residency here. So, while I don't have a before picture, here is the aftermath of my day of organizing closets. 

purchased those wire stack-able racks and did four high on one side and two high on the other

now we have a bin for hats, one for sweatshirts, and three for shoes

I also put our most worn shoes at easier access on the shelf above the hangers

Bills etc. go on the back of the closet door, which created a nice hook for hanging scarfs on the inside of the door

can you believe I condensed this many hanging items into give away, bins for winter, and just extra unneeded hangers?!

While I worked on organizing, Phil put sheet rock patches up in her room. Wish we had time to paint, but it's not mudded or taped yet, so no such luck.

I kept a few things in her closet, but I think she'll be pretty set up!

three of the 6 or 7 bins now going to the garage.

Now to tackle the desk!

I also came up with a pile of things to bring to work.

The Holidays: Gingerbread Edition

My sister in law, Beth, started a new family tradition: The Gingerbread House competition. While there was no official winner, she gave us cutely titled awards and it was super fun considering it was all virtual from Denver, Seattle, and Chicago. Perhaps next year we will have more entrants & our entries will look more like the last photos here. 
Leah & Mark's: Awarded..."Correlation between post-grad degrees and gingerbread house building skills = none, nada, zilch" award

Beth's Aunt Jill & Uncle Marty's: Awarded..."Most likely to make Abraham Lincoln proud" award.

Ben & Beth's: self-awarded... "most recognizable gingerbread house".

Phil constructing our master piece

Every gingerbread house needs a pomegranate center!

Phil & My: Igloo Gingerbread house (note the eskimo & dead seal at the North Pole)...awarded..."Least likely to be identified as a gingerbread house and most likely to make a child cry" awards

A photo to prove that we actually did construct this and not professionals
Here are the photos taken at the Sheraton Hotel downtown for their annual Gingerbread Display for charity. This year's theme was "Holidays Around The World" and each "house" is created by either an architectural firm, a trade association or hotel culinary staff. Perhaps next year we will all have houses as grand as these.
New York, New York, USA

Oh Canada!



New Zealand

This was my favorite as it depicts the scenes from the Rudolph clay-mation movie! The Misfit Toys, the Abominable Snowman, & more!
I'm so glad that Beth created this fun festive holiday activity. Phil had almost gotten comfortable on our week off the remodel/staycation, but got back into construction mode long enough to build our igloo.

The Holidays: Family edition

Christmas and Hanukkah were wonderful as we got to spend it with all three of our parents. While we missed our siblings (who were all in Denver this year enjoying their own homes and making new traditions), it was great to have Diane and Caden with us. Diane and Caden celebrated their first Christmas ever with us and Santa must have known since they both got gelt in their stockings and Caden got a Hanukkah dreidle in his!
A stocking was hung by the window with care...

My mom made these awesome stockings from scratch!

Santa was good to one got coal!
Caden and I playing with wax from the menorah...these are his initials

The view from "Hotel Lewin"

A little morning frost

Kindergarten art: Paper chains & snowflakes

The dogs loved their stocking presents the most!

Christmas morning!

Caden & I with the TeddyBears downtown on Xmas day

Teddy Bear display downtown

It was an extremely windy Christmas day! Caden had to turn into a ninja!

Peppermint hot cocoa and cookies (plus Dad on his IPhone)

A once a year event...a totally empty Pikes Market!

Grampa and the doggies

Hanukkah is fun too!

A new family tradition: Christmas Vacation and Home Alone

Happy Holidays Sharks Hockey style!

Jelly bellies in only red and green