Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Temporary Organizing for our New Roomate

This week has been all about getting organized, even if it is just temporary. Our friend Stephanie is coming to live with us for a month since she lives in Montana, but is coming to do her physical therapy internship over in Kirkland. Normally I would not allow anyone to suffer along with us on this remodel, but Stephanie is an amazing person who is a do-it-yourselfer, goes hunting with her husband, and puts up with all of Jeff's friends (a.k.a. us), so I figure she can handle it.  In preparation for her arrival, I have to clean out the office/guest bedroom (won't it be nice to have an office and guest bedroom and our master bedroom?!). I decided to start with the closets. Her closet was filled with my scrapbooks and crafting supplies, so seeing as I'm not able to get much crafting done lately, I put a lot of stuff into bins which I will move into the garage for the near future. It also forced me to reorganize our own closet. I  added some of the things that had taken a somewhat permanent residence in the office during our remodel that I will still need to use during her month of residency here. So, while I don't have a before picture, here is the aftermath of my day of organizing closets. 

purchased those wire stack-able racks and did four high on one side and two high on the other

now we have a bin for hats, one for sweatshirts, and three for shoes

I also put our most worn shoes at easier access on the shelf above the hangers

Bills etc. go on the back of the closet door, which created a nice hook for hanging scarfs on the inside of the door

can you believe I condensed this many hanging items into give away, bins for winter, and just extra unneeded hangers?!

While I worked on organizing, Phil put sheet rock patches up in her room. Wish we had time to paint, but it's not mudded or taped yet, so no such luck.

I kept a few things in her closet, but I think she'll be pretty set up!

three of the 6 or 7 bins now going to the garage.

Now to tackle the desk!

I also came up with a pile of things to bring to work.

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