Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Message to the Future

When we opened up a wall in our kitchen, we found an old newspaper from 1955, which is just a bit after our house was built. I bet that someone was using it as a shim when they did a small addition on the house (possibly our mud room). It was so fun to find and see what was going on in 1955 and see what kind of adds were around back then. Since I enjoyed the find so much, I decided to leave a little finders keepers newspaper page along with a note from us. Hopefully some day way way way in the future, someone will find it and enjoy it.

This is what we found shimmed in the wall
June 26...two days before our anniversary..and 53 years earlier
Look...they actually preferred lath and plaster! ug!

our letter
Add caption
with the paper
love those appliances
and now hidden in our wall for a future resident to find

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