Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mother-Son Bonding the crawl space

I thought I'd give my husband & mother-in-law some well overdue Mother-Son bonding know, the kind without me always there. Wasn't I so nice? Haha...well, that's my version of the story. At least, the version that I have to keep telling myself in order to prevent the guilt from creeping up again and again as I peek around the corner and see my Susan sawing, hammering, & applying Pooky to the metal ducts. Or the guilt continues to sneak up when I hear her voice next to Phil's coming from below in the crawl space as I'm perched comfortably on my bed with my computer next to our warm space heater! Basically, Susan rocks! It's amazing how helpful she is. She spent two days straight working on our furnace and duct work with Phil. The only thing I did to help this weekend was start to deep clean our new fridge, run errands to Home Depot and McLendon's hardware, do our laundry, vacuum a bit (even though Susan did a lot of that too!) and heat food (that Susan home baked!) up for them in the microwave! I was working hard at photographing the whole project and also at researching design ideas for our future.

I can't believe how much work Phil did over the last week too! Besides almost having the furnace ready to run (it'll probably be up by the end of the week), Phil tore down the old wall that separated our kitchen from the new part of the house, hooked up & wired the new washer & dryer, wired a bunch more of the addition, & insulated the office. I know that my husband is super awesome in so many ways, but who would have thought that something this genuine would come out of his mouth this weekend, "How could you be mad about working when you get to listen to Christmas music the whole time?!"?

I usually don't get overly excited about the holidays (especially when we are not spending it with our extended families), but for some reason this year I am feeling very festive. Maybe it is because I have been seeing so many cute do it yourself ideas related to the holidays on Pinterest. Maybe it's because having this new house is like a fresh start. Maybe it's because we get to house sit for my cousins with heat and a working kitchen that I can cook & bake in for Christmas. Maybe it's because I finally realized how much Christmas means to my mom and I am excited to give her the Christmas she deserves. I am still going to be careful not to consume just for the sake of consuming, but I have some good ideas for meaningful gifts & decorations this year. I've been so focused on Christmas since we both get to spend it with our parents, that it barely occurred to me that Hannukah starts a week from Tuesday! Charlie is going to be such a spoiled little doggie, celebrating both Hannukah and Christmas!
My weekend started off seeing great friends at Anna's mom's jewelry party

With my besties! Krista (& Baby Isaac just days away from due date!) & Anna

They framed up around the chimney & the can lights arrived!

Phil tore down the old kitchen wall!

We bought a new dishwasher that has 2 compartments & the buttons on the top!

the new fridge we got from Second Use

The super yummy "Veggie Pot Pie" Susan made us

Susan & Phil in the crawl space

the work they have done hanging & connecting ductwork

Super Mom with her hammer

What he doesn't know is that this mess will be worth it in the end!

We are already doing laundry with our new washer & nice!

Looks like the work of a professional!

All in a days work

can't wait to see drywall in here!

Since Susan stayed the night, Phil insulated her walls!

now to do more lighting & patching & finishes

Here is that cool shelf rack that we got at Earthwise last weekend
Charlie freaks out when everyone is in the crawl space...He's an attention hog!

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