Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Holidays: Gingerbread Edition

My sister in law, Beth, started a new family tradition: The Gingerbread House competition. While there was no official winner, she gave us cutely titled awards and it was super fun considering it was all virtual from Denver, Seattle, and Chicago. Perhaps next year we will have more entrants & our entries will look more like the last photos here. 
Leah & Mark's: Awarded..."Correlation between post-grad degrees and gingerbread house building skills = none, nada, zilch" award

Beth's Aunt Jill & Uncle Marty's: Awarded..."Most likely to make Abraham Lincoln proud" award.

Ben & Beth's: self-awarded... "most recognizable gingerbread house".

Phil constructing our master piece

Every gingerbread house needs a pomegranate center!

Phil & My: Igloo Gingerbread house (note the eskimo & dead seal at the North Pole)...awarded..."Least likely to be identified as a gingerbread house and most likely to make a child cry" awards

A photo to prove that we actually did construct this and not professionals
Here are the photos taken at the Sheraton Hotel downtown for their annual Gingerbread Display for charity. This year's theme was "Holidays Around The World" and each "house" is created by either an architectural firm, a trade association or hotel culinary staff. Perhaps next year we will all have houses as grand as these.
New York, New York, USA

Oh Canada!



New Zealand

This was my favorite as it depicts the scenes from the Rudolph clay-mation movie! The Misfit Toys, the Abominable Snowman, & more!
I'm so glad that Beth created this fun festive holiday activity. Phil had almost gotten comfortable on our week off the remodel/staycation, but got back into construction mode long enough to build our igloo.

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