Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Holidays: Football Edition

Yea Niners! Thanks to my Dad's shmoozing powers, and thanks to the generosity of Jed York we received tickets to sit in the 49er's CEO seats at the SeaHawks/Niners game on Christmas Eve. Since Mom does not enjoy loud sporting events like football (or the cold or standing up for hours...who can blame her?), we invited our cousin Diane and her son, Caden up from Portland for the weekend. The five of us had so much fun. And to top it all off, the weather couldn't have been better. I didn't even wear my jacket during the entire game. We walked around the tailgate areas (which felt like running the gauntlet being 49er fans), ate from a taco truck, and then enjoyed our seats close to the field. We were surrounded by the player's families and even sat next to Stefano from American Idol (as silly as it is, I got his autograph for Caden and myself...if you are thinking who the $%@& is that?...don't despair, you will know in just a year or two..he's good!). The best Christmas/Hanukkah gift was when the Niner's pulled through in the very last minutes of the game for a big win. Playoffs here we come!

Rival friends: Anna & I

Our Niner Gang (Plus Phil)

Diane and Caden at the Clink

this is how we looked in the first minutes of the game

this is how we looked the rest of the game
Such a fun jacket for me!

these two had way too much fun

Niners win 19-17!

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  1. We had a wonderful few days in Seattle. Hopefully we did not trash the Lewin home with all the wild parties, cooking and being roudy with three dogs :-)

    On to the playoffs and hopefully more 49er victories!


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