Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Holidays: Family edition

Christmas and Hanukkah were wonderful as we got to spend it with all three of our parents. While we missed our siblings (who were all in Denver this year enjoying their own homes and making new traditions), it was great to have Diane and Caden with us. Diane and Caden celebrated their first Christmas ever with us and Santa must have known since they both got gelt in their stockings and Caden got a Hanukkah dreidle in his!
A stocking was hung by the window with care...

My mom made these awesome stockings from scratch!

Santa was good to one got coal!
Caden and I playing with wax from the menorah...these are his initials

The view from "Hotel Lewin"

A little morning frost

Kindergarten art: Paper chains & snowflakes

The dogs loved their stocking presents the most!

Christmas morning!

Caden & I with the TeddyBears downtown on Xmas day

Teddy Bear display downtown

It was an extremely windy Christmas day! Caden had to turn into a ninja!

Peppermint hot cocoa and cookies (plus Dad on his IPhone)

A once a year event...a totally empty Pikes Market!

Grampa and the doggies

Hanukkah is fun too!

A new family tradition: Christmas Vacation and Home Alone

Happy Holidays Sharks Hockey style!

Jelly bellies in only red and green

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