Monday, December 19, 2011

Crafting, Cal, & Caring Friends

After spending a ton of my time on Pinterest lately, I was inspired to do a lot of crafting especially related to the holidays. Well, since we still have no heat and very limited functioning space in the house (not to mention the fact that I can't get to all of my Christmas decorations since they are either buried in the jam packed garage or up in the rafters to which I cannot get a ladder to), I had to choose a very simple crafting project. Thus came the idea for an easy holiday card display, even in our not so pretty construction zone of a home. First I went to West Seattle Fabric Company to purchase some holiday fabric & the round contraption that most certainly has a fancy name that I have not learned yet. The idea was that I could focus on a few cards and you would see the cute fabric, but in my haste I overdid it with the cards and now you cannot even tell there is cute fabric behind it. I also pinned strips of fabric hanging down so that I could place additional cards on it. It is a good idea, but needs some work for next year. Next year it will have our family holiday card in the center and then others all around it. Since we have so many amazing friends and family members who just keep sending well wishes for the holiday season, I have already resorted to the old fashioned tape method to display additional cards.

 On Sunday, we rallied the troops to pick up the stove. Our friends Mike & Jon were awesome and always manage to pull through when we need them the building our deck, tearing out sod, landscaping, removing a furnace, and now lifting a rediculously heavy antique stove into our truck and then back into our own house. It's amazing that they keep answering the phone when it's Phil or I! It's also amazing that they didn't even flinch when we had to drive all the way to Federal Way to pick it the rain. I couldn't fathom how just the four of us were going to lift the Wedgewood. I kept imagining it sitting on a scale next to 2 or 3 ton weights. I imagined it impossible for even the three guys to manhandle it and had to laugh at the thought that I was going to be able to help. When I described my worries to Gramma, she suggested hiring movers to do it, which I actually considered. I figured that we would need a couple of those body builder guys or lumber jack guys who do those competitions where they pick up things like cars and buildings. Turns out my mind was running a little wild. The stove was heavy, but nothing like I imagined. I must be hanging out with Kindergartners since my imagination is still raring to go. We made it into the truck in less than two minutes. We even got it into the house with no problems (minus some smooshed fingers and a few swear words from yours truly!). Now we just need to do some deep cleaning, minor repairs, hook it up to the gas, test it out, and at some point patch the porcelain immediately above the dial for the oven. It is all going to be so worth it! I already love our retro appliance!

Phil also walked me around the house last night to help decide where all the lighting and switches will go in the house. Most every where is easy to think about, although I am amazed at how many places we are going to have to put switches for the same lights  because there are many entrances for both the living room & kitchen. I also can't decide what our master bathroom will look like yet, so it's hard to place lighting. Phil gets very excited and tries to teach me all about electrical stuff and the way things work (see diagram above). I think it is all amazing and interesting and I try really hard to listen, but it all just goes so over my head that it is hard sometimes.

The weekend was entertaining since we got to watch my cousin's dog, Cal, again. Cal & Charlie go way back to the day we first got Charlie. They are old pals. Don't they just look so innocent and sweet? So far so good...

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  1. WE ARE ready to go to the 49ers revenge win over the Seahawks with you this Saturday. I have no voice left after the 49ers win over the Steelers last night at Candlestick Park. Bring on the Seahawks! I'm ready for fun with Charlie, Cal, you and Phil!


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