Sunday, December 4, 2011

Almost Picture Perfect & a Salvaged Safari

Yesterday Phil (with a tiny bit of help from me) began drywall patching in our living room. We also had a huge discussion about which heating system we really want. Last weekend we had bought a bunch of electric baseboard heaters and we thought it would be great because they will be way easier and faster for Phil to install & will make for a good transition until we can afford radiant gas heat. After a lot of thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that while it would be nice to have heat faster, the important thing is to do it right and make it functional. The thought of doing a temporary situation bothered me a lot... a lot more than cutting into our original hardwood floors in order to do forced air from the gas furnace that we already own (and just moved from the attic to the crawl space to make it less noisy). So now, we will have to spend a lot of time ducting and cutting into the hardwood floors to get heat going. I am still anticipating that we will have heat within the month. Maybe that will be our holiday gift to each other or our New Year's resolution. At least now we insulated and dry walled enough to use our space heater in the living room again.
new drywall patches

our gorgeous new front door!

almost picture perfect!
cutting drywall

Today we took the day off (well, after Phil stained our gorgeous new front door!) in order to revitalize our visions for each room, to think about decorating & design, & to prevent burn out we went on a salvage safari. It all started with a trip down to Federal Way to the house of one of my coworker's to see her vintage Wedgewood stove in person. It is just like the ones that I wanted, although it is missing the clock and salt & pepper shakers at the top & it has just a small chip in the porcelain. It is in great condition and my coworker offered us a screaming deal (we've done a lot of research and these things usually go for many thousands, which we did not have to pay!). We are not certain it works, but if it doesn't, she of course plans to give us our money back. I am also concerned at how we are ever going to load it in the truck & get it in the house, since those old appliances are insanely heavy! Hopefully we can recruit some strong men next weekend to go pick it up. I can't wait to find a cute little vintage clock & salt & pepper shaker to go on top! We also are pretty sure that we will buy a built in electric (modern) oven to use as well as the old small gas oven in the stove. Needless to say, I am so excited about this great find! I think it will be one of the coolest feature pieces in the new kitchen and nice that is fits the period of our house (1940's).

After that, we ventured out to 3 amazing Salvage/Repurpose stores. Seattle is great for having a variety of these stores to shop at. At Second Use, we found a cool old post/divider thing (I'm not sure what to even call it!) that we are going to sand and paint or stain and use as a way to create an entry way that is separate from the living room. We also found a newish stainless steel fridge for half the price that a brand new one would be. It's very exciting...I've never had a water dispenser in a fridge before. We also went to Earthwise and found a cool shelf/hanger thing (I forgot to take a photo), which I am having a hard time deciding if I want it to be in our current bathroom or if I want to save it for the spot next to our new backdoor. Finally, we went to Ballard to see what ReNu is like and it was just like the other two places, but we didn't find any have to have items.
divider for our entry way

We bought our new washer & dryer units as well as a new dishwasher from Wiseman's Appliances in West Seattle. The people there are so friendly & we love that they are local, family owned, with competitive prices, & reliability. They are being delivered this week! We'll just set them up temporarily until we put in all of the drywall & flooring in that area. Also, Kurt had his excavator guys come back on Saturday to finish regrading the yard. They added gravel to the spot where Phil is going to build a deck & to areas to help with drainage.

Northwest moments of the weekend:
1. Went to Woodinville on a whim to dinner with our good friends Krista & Peter where we ate Krista's amazing potato leek soup and watched Gold Rush on Discovery Channel for entertainment.
2. Saturday night - West Seattle Date Night. We discovered The Cask, in the Admiral District, which is this amazing little specialty wine and beer bar. Phil had yummy beers & I had yummy wine that also came from a tap! We headed across the street to Porterhouse for dinner and were so saddened to hear that it was their closing night. I don't know how they could be closing, since my mushroom linguine was so amazing & Phil enjoyed his burger & fries. And finally, for dessert, we headed back across the street to the just opened Menchies frozen yogurt store. Phil has been on this huge frozen yogurt with toppings kick and we had been counting the days until opening once we first spotted the Coming Soon sign in the window. We headed back home, snuggled up in bed with Charlie under the covers with us, and watched HGTV episodes on Hulu!
3. Spending 10 minutes barely talking, sitting outside of Costco, eating pizza slices & soaking up the warmth of the sun. was sunny today...and it was warm in the sun! I can't believe what a good mood it put me in!

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