Sunday, November 20, 2011

Space heaters, extension cords, microwavable food...oh my!

Phil & I had our first "remodel fight" on Friday. I was supposed to help him fish wires down the walls so that we could reconnect the new power supply to get normal lighting in our bedroom & office. I gave up. Unless we are going to have the money to pay for large dental & chiropractic bills, I should not be fishing wires in a remodel situation. I started grinding my teeth in frustration (which I used to do a lot, but never since being with Phil). It was not good. Bottom line...we recovered and repositioned my assistance to cleaning. I took my job seriously and on Saturday morning got out the gloves & shop vac and vacuumed for about 2 and a half hours. I also took all of our clothes to the laundromat since our washer has been disconnected (& it was falling apart anyways). I had not been looking forward to doing coin operated laundry, but it actually was such a great experience! The laundromat was nicely heated and instead of spending two days doing lots of loads of laundry at home, I just loaded four washers right up, read & grabbed a Zats bagel while I waited, then switched it all into two dryers, left to run errands, and was back in an hour...all the laundry done!
The rest of the weekend went well. Krista & Peter surprised us with a nice trip to our neck of the woods to grab a bite to eat & see the progress on the house. Saturday night, Susan came to join us for dinner and a night at the symphony (which is my new favorite thing!).
Today, Jon came over again to help out (so thankful for him!). He and Phil moved our furnace from the attic to the crawl space. I only had to help maneuver it once and we are that much closer to getting some heat in this freezer!
Another cool thing about doing a large remodel...a lot of our neighbors have been showing up to observe and say hi. Once we get things into a little more livable condition around here and the weather gets back to spring or summer, I am going to plan some kind of block party or gathering.
temporary power situation in the bathroom

new windows in our bedroom

new window in the front bedroom

The beanie beard wearing boys & charlie

Krista (3 weeks away from meeting baby Isaac!) heatin up

insulation before siding; plus new windows in the front

insulation & window trim on the side of the house

starting to get some hardi shake up in the eaves!

this is the stuff that caused me my worst night of sleep ever on Wednesday

Jon helping Phil move the furnace

Stocking up on snacks, microwave food, beer, & warm beverages.


  1. Krista looks adorable, I can't wait to meet baby Isaac!! The house is fantastic--every time I'm just in awe, so proud of you guys!

  2. WOW! This progress is amazing---I bet it feels much slower when you are living in it :) I am very impressed and excited to make a trip to visit next summer to see how it's all shaping up!


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