Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Part Vegetarian: All Flexitarian

I'll be the first to admit it. I love meat. I like my steaks rare. I do not have a problem with killing and eating animals. I do have a problem when it is not done in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, somewhat humane way. The more that I learn about the industrial food industry, the more it truly disgusts me. Ignorance is not bliss. Does this mean that everyone should turn around and instantly become vegan? I think not. Instead, it means that we need to educate ourselves about our food choices. People....this conversation ties directly into so many other important conversations...Being Green and saving our environment, the health care problem, healthy lifestyles, and more. Am I trying to dress in a suit and tie and ride my bike door to door to proselytize vegetarianism or even flexitarianism? No. Does it mean that I am voting with my wallet and with the daily and weekly choices I make with my food consumption? Yes.

The following books and movies have educated me & inspired me:

So, with this new look on life we either shop at the West Seattle Farmers Market or at PCC. We were getting awesome fresh produce from Full Circle Farms, but unfortunately we couldn't eat our box quick enough and food was being wasted, so we stopped.

If we go out to eat, I'll either eat vegetarian or research restaurants with sustainable/local/good practices (a.k.a. non industrial food industry supporters). These are some of our favorite local ones:
Circa; West Seattle (Admiral)
both the Circa Burger & Lamb Burger are amazing, but their butternut squash tacos, fries, & mashed potatoes are subject for long smile filled conversations

Zeeks Pizza; West Seattle (Fauntleroy)
The Veggie Thai and Tree Hugger are scrumptious

A Terrible Beauty; new pub in West Seattle (The Junction)
The Grilled Cheese (feta, basil, sourdough, tomato, onions!) and the house salad (humus, sunflower seeds, oranges, vinagrette, and more!)

Pioneer Coffee; West Seattle (Alki)
Best seats inside & out, yummy chai's, coffee or wine or beer! Best view!

Chipotle; Downtown Seattle, Issaquah, & Southcenter Mall
Yes this is a chain, but they buy local and keep it fresh and yummy

Portage Bay Cafe: South Lake Union
Fresh fruit topping bar with pancakes or french toast. Best tofu scrambles. EVERYTHING here is good!

These are some of the reasons why we love it here!

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