Sunday, November 6, 2011

More volunteers and a baby shower

It's funny how I thought "yea right" when Phil said he'd get his friends to come help out with the addition. Apparently, men live for things like this and sign up as soon as they can. It's like they get to play trucks in the sandbox at the park again, but with real big boy trucks and materials. Yesterday Phil had himself, Andrew, and our friend Peter all helping Kurt and the three other framers to do more of the roof trusses and framing. They mostly were working on this "faux roof" since they are not taking off our entire roof first. We wanted to add more curb appeal with the roof line, since ours was one of the more boring ones in the neighborhood. It's hard to explain and I haven't snapped a photo yet, but it will look awesome! Especially since we are adding corbels and special lighting from the soffits. After such a long hard day of volunteer work, we treated the guys to a beverage in our "oh so comfy" living room. Phil's family including his Aunt Eileen from Oregon stopped by to see the progress before we went to dinner.
Andrew & Peter celebrating a hard days work

Phil entertaining his mom, aunt, and sister
 Today was a great day since I helped host a baby shower for my friend, Krista. Anna, Jenni, and I had a fun game free shower with decorating baby bibs and onesies, gifts, and a diaper drive. Anna made the yummiest mint chocolate and white chocolate lollipops for us to take home. Every gift was so stuff is the cutest!

onesie I made
bib I made

the yummy candy pops Anna made

the gift I made for them

I love this photo of the mommy to be off her feet!

most of the guests...I forgot to get a photo before people started leaving
the hostesses and guest of honor!

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