Friday, November 18, 2011

It gets worse before it gets better!

We are definitely in the "it gets worse" phase. I have found out what things I am really not willing to live without in life. The two that come to mind are normal functioning electricity and heat. The third would be the use of a basic stove and oven. Luckily we still have our fridge and freezer functioning, otherwise I'm sure I'd discover the necessity of that too. I am trying not to trip over all the extension cords and cords plugged in all over the place to keep life somewhat normal (which it's not). My husband is wonderful and has done such a great job that I feel bad for acting like this is so tough sometimes. He has been working on our house for hours after coming home from work. He has great patience and vision, which keeps me going.

I have been feeling so "jappy" (Jewish American Princess like) or like a spoiled Californian girl. Although, I did bust out some "get it done" behavior the night before last when the aluminum tin foil substance that was exposed (they removed the old siding) kept flapping around, crinkling and making noise in the powerful wind storm that we had. I could not sleep at all (which is rare. I am a very good sleeper!), so around 2 or 3 in the morning I went outside in my PJ's and slippers with a flashlight and began yanking the foil off of the house, cussing the whole way! haha. It was quite the adrenaline rush. Yesterday, luckily, they put some insulation stuff on the outside of the house so that we didn't have the same problem.
Trying to channel this behavior. Tonight I will help Phil try to finish reconnecting the electrical in our bedroom, office, and bathroom.

So it's not that bad, but there are moments where it feels like it! ha!

This whole process has made me really appreciate what it is like to live with less. I keep thinking about homeless families or families with old homes that fall apart and don't have the resources to fix them. I will be donating more to those causes from now on, that's for sure.

I will post more photos of the house this weekend when I can take photos in the daylight (which I don't see much of anymore). All of the new windows are in and they even starting trimming out the windows on part of the house, which looks awesome!

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  1. Somehow we were able to avoid living in our home when you were young with so much construction impacting the house. When we first moved to Knoll and had Al doing the remodel and addition, all we lost was our master bedroom and bath. Though you were probably too young to remember back in 1990 that we did have our bedroom furniture spread throughout the house. When our kitchen was remodeled a few years later, we did lose the ability to cook meals for over a month so nearby restaurants were an easy choice. Of course you and Ben were fussy eaters with different tastes, so two different restaurants were often in the mix to keep both of you happy......


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