Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Growing our Home and Growing more Dreams!

What a night! I am sitting here, a quick run under my belt, Outside magazine in hand (ok, I set it down to type, but it was a second ago), Flamenco music on the IPod speakers thanks to Pandora, and a happy dog dreaming away next to me while the space heater and blankets keep us nice and comfy in our bedroom. I was at a training today at work instead of with my kids, so I was able to come home before it got dark. Before Phil went to work, he took me up on our new roof (I was surprised at how timid I was since I've never really been afraid of heights before, but it was a bit nerve racking!) and we talked about the house progress and other possibilities and dreams. When standing on our roof you can see a very decent sized peek at the gorgeous waters of the Puget Sound, which is what prompted the new idea that someday soon we can build a small roof top deck (accessed by a cool looking ladder...perhaps located next to our newly exposed chimney) to be able to enjoy the view in the summer and fall. I can just see our visions of Phil and I relaxing together with glasses of wine or bottles of beer turning into a perfect roof top fort for children instead. Either way, I'd say it is definitely something to think about and plan for! We have also made sure to design the new roof over the kitchen area with the idea that some day we might turn it into a usable space for some kind of office or play area or additional room of some kind. 

It is so fun when dreams turn into more dreams and when we get to see dreams become reality as you'll see below in the photos. It sounds like I won the Amazing Wife award today. Phil said that the inspector for the new electrical service that Phil installed yesterday asked if Phil was close to divorce yet after having his wife live in our current conditions. When Phil said that I actually haven't complained at all about it yet, the guy was really impressed and had a hard time believing it. And hasn't bothered me since I am just so excited with the daily progress and with what the end product will be! I feel beyond lucky to be this fortunate! 

The new front of the house (new siding and windows to come in the next week or two)

Corbels that will be placed in the sofits/eaves (I'm still figuring out the vocabulary) of the front of the house

Updated and relocated thanks to Phil!

View of the back of the house when standing in Cricket's yard. Next year we will work on creating a cool patio space with fire pit, BBQ area, and possible herb garden here.

View from Charlie's dog house and the garden


  1. I'm still in awe..every post, I can't believe it, the house looks great!

  2. Nice looking house, can't wait to visit. Bring back the old artistic font, just because your brother couldn't read it.......Since when did you ever listen to HIM?


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