Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feels like winter already!

Let's just say that without our space heater, you can see your breath in here. This morning, I tripped the breaker since I tried to run the space heater and my hair dryer from the same electrical outlet. haha. I guess I should know better since I'm married to an electrician.
The roofers are finishing up, the windows are almost all in, and the plumber has been setting up drains for the new sink location and the new shower and the new laundry area.
All this as I am dreaming of ways to stay out in the warmth of some other building..anywhere but home!
The crazy cool sunlight and stormy weather on veterans day last Friday

a door I considered. haha!
the front door we purchased (dental shelf not pictured)

The first Hail of the season, with frost already white many mornings

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