Monday, November 28, 2011

Family and Turkey Time

Kendra & Syd looking beautiful

Caden is the man!

Julien and the cast

Pheseant, mashed potatos, carrots, yummy stuffing, turkey, brussel sprouts, & Susan's rolls!

The kid table: such great cousins! 

this is what twin sisters look like when they have fun

3 out of 4 Lewin siblings

We were there too! This year I got proof!

the boys doing boy things with Uncle P

Overall, it was another awesome and relaxing time spent with the Lewin family & friends being thankful together.

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  1. We need to skip Twain Harte (blasphemy) and join the Seattle gang for a Thanksgiving sometime in the next few years. Looks like a great meal with the family!


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