Sunday, November 13, 2011

Achy breaky business

This stuff is tough! I'm so sore and achy! After helping Phil with demo two days in a row, the muscles in my shoulders, arms, back, and butt are so sore! I almost have callouses on my hands! Poor Phil ran into the fan that he'd placed in the window and now he has a huge bump on his forehead! The three day weekend was nice. On Friday, I met up with my friend, Krista, for tea in Ballard. It was poring rain! I spent the rest of the day doing report cards at Tully's on Alki. I cannot believe it is almost conference week. The rest of the weekend involved meeting with a guy about potential cabinets (the quote comes on Wednesday), ordering a better front door than the one we had first got (the windows looked so horrible in it! It was ridiculous. You definitely get what you pay for and we had tried to go cheap on the front door. We won't make that mistake again. Now we just have to put the first door up on Craigslist), buying our farmers sink at IKEA, and cleaning up the job site and doing the demo around our bedroom and living room windows (the new windows will be installed this week and since we are not just swapping out for the same size windows, we had to demo some more of the lath and plaster walls). Here is a look at some of the work around the house.
prepping the room to keep the dust off our bed & furniture

new windows in the new kitchen!

the ugly first door & the windows installed for our new master bedroom!

the french doors to our new bedroom pre-installation

room to grow! Possible small upper level room if we ever want to way down the road

the product of our demolition on the lath and plaster walls making way for new windows


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