Sunday, October 9, 2011

My apprenticeship begins...

Mr. & Mrs. Trester!

My SAS Fall 2003 roomie & I...thanks to her, I have so many awesome friends in Seattle!

Phil is true party form

Love these girlies! Angie, me, April, & Anna
Phil & I had a wonderful time last night celebrating the marriage of our friends Leslie & Kurt. They had a beautiful ceremony and reception at Lake Union Cafe. It was a great reminder that in our three plus years here, we have truly been blessed with great friends who know how to have a great time!

This morning....ok, this afternoon, after some much needed recovery, Gatorade, and nap time, I began my house remodel apprenticeship. Phil continued the demo on the mudroom and kitchen and graciously gave me an "easy" job. I was given the job of removing all the old rusty nails from the framing and while this would seem tedious, boring, and beneath most people, I felt it was the perfect job for me! I find that I enjoy monotonous routine jobs such as trimming bushes, pulling nails, and dare I say it...even weeding! Although I was just removing nails, I did experience the miserable heat that comes with demo work. I experienced the challenge of wearing a mask and safety goggles and trying to prevent them from constantly fogging up the whole time. I experienced the challenge of being too hot and wanting to wear short sleeves and shorts, but not wanting to get too dirty and so needing to wear long sleeves and pants. I also assisted when Phil moved the water heater to access the lath and plaster behind it to demo and then helped move it back again.
the nastiest thankfully vintage wasps nest in the mud room's attic

Phil did so much demo!

My turn!

Ali the Apprentice!

even kitchen walls and ceilings are being demoed...makes for interesting cooking, cleaning, & eating life!

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