Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's all the little things that count

I have somehow neglected to post some of the design decisions we have made already. We have always known that we wanted hardieplank (which every-time I did a Google search for the website, I accidentally typed in Frank Hardie, of the Hardy Boys mystery books, instead of James Hardie, maker of siding!). It took us a while though to figure out paint color. Initially, we really wanted to go with either a green or a light gray color for the house, but since it is less expensive to get siding pre-painted, we limited our options to those that are available in the Pacific Northwest on the Hardie website. After a few days of tossing around the idea of a blue house, we have decided upon Iron Gray. Iron Gray horizontal siding on the whole house, with Cobblestone shingles in the eaves of the front, since our roof line is getting a face-lift too.
Iron Gray for the siding

Cobblestone color for the shingles in the front eave

Last weekend, I had to decide upon our window brand. I thought we were going to go with Anderson windows, since my parents have them and they seem to be pretty nice, but when I went to a showroom, I didn't like the way the latch would show from the outside looking in. Instead, we are going with Milgard windows, since they have this silly little thing called SmartTouch window locks, which aren't as obvious from far away. I also felt good about the decision since Milgard is a local company and they have a lifetime warranty on the windows.
Milgard smarttouch system

We are still working on selecting our main doors. Doors are so expensive! I wish I could just find the type I want at Second Use or Earthwise (these amazing second hand stores for building supplies), but then there are all kinds of things to consider like insulation in the door, pre-hung, etc. Here is the type that we would like:
without the side windows, since our entryway is not that large! I love that dental shelf though! Look at it! So beautiful!
If it didn't feel like copying our neighbors one block away, I would love to have a green door with our gray house!

I am yearning for a Dutch Door. Again, I can't believe how much money they are! But, seriously...look how perfectly homey and wonderful they are! Can't you just imagine children playing peek a boo from behind them and Charlie laying on a warm kitchen floor with the breeze freely flowing onto his little floppy ears? I can!
Dutch door for the back door? I think so!

See Charlie's friend likes it!

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