Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A lot of people inspire me. With all due respect to the now late, great Steve Jobs...I had never really pondered his amazingness. I have; however, pondered the amazingness of another great human being who passed away today too....Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth. I met Reverend Shuttlesworth when I was 17, along with many other high school students as we traveled D.C. and the South to learn about the Civil Rights Movement. What I remember about him is his legacy and his courage from that time period, but also his friendliness, young hearted spirit, humor, amazing charisma, and kindness from just about ten years ago. I am thinking of not just his family at this time, but also of his community as they suffer such a huge loss.
I came across this quote, which seems in the same spirit that Reverend Shuttlesworth (and even Steve Jobs, from what I have been reading about him in the crazy amount of immediate media following his sad and too soon passing) would have felt and preached.
This quote also brings me to my mother-in-law. Phil's mom, Susan, has just begun a new adventure and has embarked on it with spirit, enthusiasm, energy, and passion to be emulated and admired. After having many careers (fulfilling, somewhat fulfilling, and even some not so fulfilling) such as social worker, full time mom, antique dealer and owner, retail manager, and more....she has decided to pursue her passion. Inspired long before Julie/Julia came into being, Susan has always had a passion and a true talent for baking. While I am not the best critic (seeing that I am still warming up to the idea of baked fruit in general), I have heard many others vouch for the extreme yumminess and uniqueness of my mother-in-laws baking (going as far as requests to purchase more if she would only let them!). This fall...Susan has gone back to school to perfect her craft. She enrolled in a nine month culinary arts baking program and I couldn't be more excited, inspired, and just plain happy for her. Thus, I immediately thought of her when I stumbled upon this quote.

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