Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home Remodel begins

Phil and I are embarking on a huge journey. We have been working with an architect and a contractor to plan an addition of a master bedroom and bathroom where part of our current backyard is, along with completely updating our kitchen and expanding it into the current mudroom. We will reside the whole house, change roof lines, do all new windows, and insulate among other updates. It is a big task, but we've got our financing in place and are ready to rock! Designing it all and seeing the official floor plan and elevations has been so much fun. But, like they say... it always gets worse before it gets better and after today, I have definite proof of that. Phil has been in between jobs and has had this week and last week off, which is actually good because it gives him time to start doing our part of the prep for the remodel.
Here are some before and after photos along with some of the changes:
Before: the separation between living room and kitchen

After: torn down separation & removed closet to make an open kitchen
Before: view of closet & chimney wall
Before: Our fun green office with fun bookshelves

After: Our mystery hanging bookshelves removed to get ready for a new window :-(

lath and plaster inside the walls

After: wall torn down & view of old chimney

Covering up the furniture
Now, the debate is whether we should keep the chimney there and have it incorporated as an exposed feature and as a cool save from the original house or to demo it too to make an even wider open kitchen. Comments regarding this are welcome here!

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  1. How about you guys demo the chimney and save the bricks to use for something else? pathway, planter box, etc.


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