Sunday, October 30, 2011

Girls Weekend, Framing, and more!

So much has changed on the addition in just a few days! Yesterday Phil and Andrew assisted with framing the floor up. Today while Phil took a break and played with us ladies (Mom and Gramma were here on a girls weekend), the framers came back and added walls! It's amazing how the plotted out rooms and closets seemed so small when just shown on the floor (2D), yet once the walls were framed, everything became normal or big seeming! I guess 3D is better!
Mom, Gramma, & I stayed at the Artic Club Hotel all weekend, which was super comfy and cozy and has a great historical atmosphere. We had a busy weekend full of great meals (Circa, Portage Bay Cafe, Brouwers Cafe, Plum Bistro, & Endoline Joes), good friends, touristy and non-touristy locations and activities. On Saturday, after a fun ladies brunch, we rode the Ducks! I don't know how they do it, but they manage to get everyone singing and dancing and waving to people passing by, even at 11 in the morning with no alcohol involved! The rest of the weekend included the Theo Chocolate Factory Tour, cute stores in Fremont, visiting family and friends, walking around downtown Seattle, and a trip to the Museum of Glass and the Tacoma Art Museum.
It looks like this week will have to be a lot more work than play though, in order to finish prepping the rest of the kitchen to be redone. :-( Bye bye dishwasher, large sink, and stove/oven for a while!
Anna, Cassie, & I at Portage Bay Cafe

Susan, Cassie, & Mom on the Duck Tour

Iconic Seattle

Only photo of Mom, Gram, & I on our girls weekend!

Mom, Phil, & Gramma with Chihuly Glass chandelier above

Bridge of Glass

Dia de los Muertos exibit at Tacoma Art Museum

walls framed! Starting to look like an addition!

This will be our master bedroom! See the three windows that will go above our bed?

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