Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun little decisions

Ok, so it is way past my bedtime, but I can't stop fantasizing about our kitchen to be! I have already decided on white cabinets, an island, some kind of paperstone like countertops, and the exact kind of hardware. Now it is just a matter of finding all of these within our budget. Our friend Tyrell, has an amazing custom cabinetry company, but unfortunately it looks like even with his great deal, he will be above our price range for the kitchen. I hope we can hire him for the nook and other signature pieces at a later date. Anyways, so now I have been searching for inspiration for our kitchen and came across a couple thoughts. I have been so set on the white porcelain farmers sink (or apron sink), but then found this picture (and have seen one at the Second Use re-purposed store) and think that this larger style could be cool too.
smaller apron sink
larger apron sink
 I am also debating about the stove. I'm sure Phil will nix my new idea in the morning, but how cool would it be to incorporate as many design elements from the time period of our house (1949-post war)? Now I'm debating about an awesome new stove/oven with hood or what about one of these amazingly beautiful restored O'Keefe and Merritt range/ovens?
totally new burner/stove to the right
amazing restored 1950's stove/range

Thoughts? And...goodnight moon.

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  1. love the funky modern look of the old school pieces!


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