Thursday, October 27, 2011

Faster than you can say Remodel!

Kurt and his guys have been working so fast! It feels like magic, since I've been working late each night and come home to huge progress in the backyard! I haven't even seen one worker all week, yet Phil has taken these photos so you all and I can enjoy! The foundation is pored and I think Phil said that they are going to start framing it up already tomorrow! I can't believe how quick they are!
The framed up foundation walls

detail view

Is that a dog in the crawl space!?

better perspective

this will be the master bed & bath side
I know I said it before, but I'll say it again! I can't believe how fast they are working! They didn't even lose time after the sewer pipe sprung a leak after the digging day! Phil and Andrew worked last Sunday to patch up the old pipe and then Kurt came in and switched it out for a new pipe.

assessing the situation

Cassie very seriously watches them assess the situation

boys just like any excuse to play in the mud!

the old sewer pipe
new sewer pipe

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