Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Day Trip & more prep work

 We have had a great weekend full of relaxing, a day trip, & a bit more deconstruction, but first a poem I wrote:
Fall in Seattle
Olympic Mountain silhouette sunsets
snap crackle pop crunching below my feet
leaves of trees to match my hair
peek a boo temperatures turn crisp then warm again just as quick
reminding of summer's past heat and winter's soon arrival
pumpkins and skeletons deck the neighborhood streets
Charlie's nervous bark at our space heater

Phil and I had a great day yesterday. We left Seattle around 1pm to try to find some true fall colors (and to try to escape the Seattle gray dreariness). There are definite signs of fall in our neighborhood, yet I love areas full of color changing trees, so we headed out on I-90 to find Fall. As soon as we got over the pass, the sun started shining and it warmed up from about 48 degrees to a good 54 plus. We made a stop at Suncadia, the resort I went to this last summer for my friend Leslie's bachelorette party. It is so beautiful and I knew Phil would love it there. He did and we vowed to come back soon to actually stay there. Next we headed to Roslyn, WA, the cute quaint little town where they apparently filmed the show Northern Exposure. We wandered the cute old mining downtown and then stumbled upon a large public park where we let Charlie off the leash to frolic. He loved it. We found a hiking trail that I guess was part of an old coal mining route and watched horses underneath vibrant autumn trees. Here are a few pics.
View of Suncadia building and the awesome view behind

famous building?

Charlie and I love fall leaves!

Isn't he the cutest!?
We also had time to do a bit more work today preparing for the big remodel to start. Our architect is hopefully getting the permit tomorrow so that the contractor can start excavation in the yard this coming Friday, but we shall see. Thanks to Cassie & Andrew, we conquered the chimney deconstruction and the breaking down of Cricket's fence and prep of her yard. Our awesome next door neighbor has granted us access for the trucks to come into our yard through hers, so we tore down her old fence (and promised to rebuild a nice one by the end of the year) and prepped some wood so that the trucks don't totally mess up her yard. Here's what we did:
peek a boo Andrew looking up from the attic

Phil and Andrew on the chimney take down crew

trying to protect Cricket's yard...this was a job for the girls

Cassie and I knocked down her fence and then used power tools to take the rest down!

these were in the chimney...any ideas for what to reuse them for? We have flower planter as one idea...

free bricks anyone? :-)

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  1. HOw funny, you are not my only friend to be in SUncadia this weekend! Love the poem :)


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