Saturday, October 8, 2011

Demo days

Thursday was another demo day for Phil while he was waiting to be placed at a new job site. He is such a hard worker! It is so amazing how motivated he is and it is so fun to walk in the door and see so much change already (as I type I hear walls crumbling and pounding of walls before 9am on a Saturday)! We are still waiting to hear exactly when our permits will come and the contractor will start. In the mean time demo continues and we have been working with our good friend Tyrell to design our kitchen cabinets and to see if we can afford his amazing craftsmanship. He just started his own company this year, TheWorkshopCdA, and just amazes me by his skills and art!
Trim off all the windows (windows seem easy to pop out!)

Trim off the doors in the whole house too.

Some of the kitchen cabinets gone since the wall with the microwave will eventually get demolished

Yes, there is now a huge dumpster in our front yard...sorry neighbors!

Also, Happy New Year! May you be inscribed in the book of life and if I have done you wrong this year, please accept my apology. I never mean to cause anyone hurt or annoyance. :-) If you are reading this blog, then I definitely love you!
Shana Tova! Check out these two cheesy videos!

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