Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nineteen Months Going on Kindergarten

This kid is growing up quick style. For reals! I swear he can "read" a book like some of my Kindergarten students. Okay…maybe that's a slight mom exaggeration, but you get my gist! This month has been all about vocabulary development…plus a little more running and teething action!

My cool little dude

This month Micah:

  • continued to repeat almost everything we said. He also has made so many connections like pointing to one bird on the telephone wire outside and saying, "one" and pointing to a blue easter egg and saying "blue". 
  • played in the dirt and mud and rain water in the backyard. He runs on the deck, plays with his truck and with his shovel and even finds little bugs and worms.
  • has gotten pretty good at climbing stairs and even some rocks/retaining wall in our backyard.
  • has been easier to convince to ride in the stroller if we let him hold things (pinecone, rocks, toys, etc.).
  • continued to enjoy all things preschool. 
  • went through phases of barely eating to eating a lot.
  • went in the Ergo for a few snuggly walks.
  • wore mostly disposable diapers. Let's face it…we've given up on the cloth. :-(
  • had his first non-family babysitter! Gracea was a fun change from Mom, Dad, and Gramma, which Micah seemed to enjoy!
  • went to Mommy's school event and was pushed over by a four year old and hit his head. Luckily he was ok, but it definitely gave us a scare!
  • stopped waking up so much during the night
  • finally started a Mommy phase again (after it was Daddy Daddy Daddy for so long!) since she had been home for spring break
  • Had another super bad cold (glad it's not allergies like I had initially thought!)
  • Enjoyed Easter and Passover like a kid that is starting to understand that some days are different and more special than others! 
  • had a doctors appointment where he weighed in around 24 lbs and was in the 90% for everything!

Getting the old car seat ready for one of the Smith twins!

Loving the Children's Museum's water tables

I love this age!

Loving everything trains

with Mama at the zoo

a kiss for cousin Mark's famous Children's hospital ad!

We play everywhere when it's sunny!

Peek a boo tulip in the neighborhood!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Mommy Micah time galore! This spring break was one of the most relaxing since we did not travel anywhere! It was a true staycation since we stayed home and I got to "play" Stay at Home Mom! I got to do several mom and child playdates, went to Micah's co-op preschool and we made trips to the park, the library, and the grocery store. Of course with Phil's mostly flexible school schedule we got a lot of great family togetherness.
Uh oh…Daddy broke out his old trains!

So fascinated by Daddy's trains

Who was really having more fun here?? 

This kid!

We hosted our Evergreen Parent Baby friends for brunch and then a park playdate. So much fun!
The moms had fun too!

Micah and Phil joined me and my work friends on a walk around Greenlake to support the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation. 

McMicken friends coming together to celebrate the amazingness and courage that our little friend Alyssa is going through.

Micah and his Kiddush Club friends at the Temple Havdalah get together

First trip to the Dump was super exciting

A free trip to the model trains at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma thanks to the public library!

The sun came out for several Spring Break days just for us! Phil built our deck just in time!

Micah got to play at my Chiropractor's cute kid area while I met with our Pathways Connect group next door.

A lot of our break was spent looking at all the local "digging"

First time Mommy asked him to smile and say cheese that actually worked!

So thankful for a backyard that is starting to come together. Phil has done a ton of work on it already!
It wouldn't be a true spring break without a date day. Micah had his first non-family babysitter, which went well!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Chag Sameach! Happy Passover!

One of my absolute favorite holidays! I have such amazing memories of my Great Uncle Maurie leading the seder…everyone else rushing through each song like a race and he, making sure we read every single hebrew word. I have memories from Great Aunt Shirley and Uncle Harolds star gazing out their giant windows overlooking the bay and Coit tower, finding the afikomen in their giant bookshelf. Every year I looked forward to singing Dayenu so that we could call our cousin Diane in far away Portland. Now that we live in far away Seattle, it is so nice to be able to maintain some of the Strauss/Lewin/Groner family traditions and I am thrilled to see what memories Micah will have someday. We feel so blessed to have my cousins Mark, Johanne, and Julien here as well as my best friend Anna and her hubby Ryan. After another amazingly gorgeous sunny day, we hosted the family for our own mini seder. Phil and Susan helped tremendously with baking our first brisket (and when I say helped, I mean they did all the work. I just picked the recipe!). I made the charoset, boiled the eggs, set up the seder plate, and readied the bitter herbs. While I pretty much love a lot about this year, it still brings great joy to shout, "Next Year in Jerusalem"! 

Our beautiful seder plate, the special prayer book, and the matzah. 

Mark and Micah in some serious conversation.

Johanne and Susan

Can't wait to meet Anna's twin boys soon!

Ryan and Phil enjoying the deck. You'll have to ignore their Passover beers…they married into the religion after all!

Happy friends

Surprise! Micah found the Afikomen! ;-)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bunnies and Chicks

I'll be the first to admit that my child does not understand the true meaning of Easter. As interfaith children, celebrating this holiday is more of a celebration of family and traditions than it is of true religious reasons. Personally, I look at it as another opportunity to celebrate spring time. Micah is very keen on bunnies and chicks and eggs anyway, so we've had a good time with all of the Easter festivities already this year.

Last week Micah and I stumbled upon the Easter Bunny himself at PCC (our local co-op grocery store) and shared some snacks and crafting with him. Then yesterday, we enjoyed our first egg hunt ever at the Woodland Park Zoo with a bazillion other kids. Luckily they have a special area just for toddlers, which is awesome since they just keep throwing plastic eggs out in plain sight all over and the kids were not getting trampled on by the older ones who actually get that there should be something inside the eggs.

Today, Easter Sunday, ended up being the best day. The weather was perfectly sunny and warm. Micah woke up to decorations and Easter baskets (yes, baskets…this kid is definitely spoiled!) and then went on a solo egg hunt in the front yard (he totally impressed us when at one point he pointed to a blue egg and instead of ooohhhing, he said "blue!"). We went for a family walk with Charlie, Mommy, Daddy, and Gramma Susan to take in all the smells of the blooming trees, tulips, and daffodils and we also took in the beautiful views of the Puget Sound and surrounding mountains from our neighborhood. When we got home, Gramma Susan got all the egg dying supplies ready and Micah loved his first colored hard boiled egg experience. After nap time and grocery shopping it was more relaxing in the backyard and digging and playing before Gramma Susan's amazingly yummy rosemary lamb dinner.
Hope that you all are enjoying the spring time and holidays as much as we are!

PCC Bunny…Micah wasn't too sure about him, but he managed to give him a high five anyway

Dad and Micah just starting to understand what to do at the egg hunt at the Zoo

toddler zone

Look Mom! I found an egg!

view of the older kids egg hunts

what? You've never heard of the Easter Leopard? It's totally a thing!

We also celebrate Easter with African drumming

All the loot the Easter Bunny (and his helpers) left for Micah!

Just woke up and is looking for what did the Easter Bunny bring?

Oooo! There are new things up there!

Very excited Monkey this morning!

Checking it all out

Taking his time appreciating every little thing

Gramma and Daddy relaxing and enjoying the show

The egg hunt begins!

Are there any in the rosemary bush? Not over there….

"More! More! More! Go! Go! Go!"

Ooo! Somebody acquired a great egg spotting eye!

A fun neighborhood family walk

So thankful the sun came out!

finding some new friends along the way

Somebody was being awfully silly today!

Micah's first egg dying experience

Love this kiddo sooo much!

Fun with colors

Lookin good Easter! Lookin good!